Scott Towels In-Store

amplatone Art Direction, Portfolio

cott Towels requested a new look and feel for the consumer facing market. The client was excited to be promoting the brand as it rarely gets the attention it deserves in a portfolio of other Kimberly Clark brands. This look was concepted from scratch, selecting the family, props and environment that best fit the target demographic. This is currently featured … Read More

Effen / 50 Cent

amplatone Art Direction, Portfolio

I had the pleasure to work with Effen Vodka and 50 Cent to create this sleek look for their partnership. To my excitement, 50 was so pleased with the results, he shared a photo of a Chicago billboard with his 6.2 million followers on Instagram!

Gin Book 2013

Tony Perez Design Art Direction, Events

he Gin Book for 2013 gave me the opportunity to concept, design and art direct talent to achieve the final recipe book. The client wanted something different, but they wanted also wanted it at a small size. This book features multiple bartenders from across the nation showcasing their gin creations in a fold-out discovery layout. Each bartender is featured with … Read More